68+ The Top Laundry Room Storage Decor Ideas

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2 of 70

Need ideas for a unique laundry room?

Things such as baskets, signs, rugs, cabinets, and more can really spruce up a laundry room. We hope these can inspire you to make your laundry room more stylish and usable. If you have the new style front load washer and dryer, the manufacturer makes a nice large drawer unit that will fit perfectly under your washer or dryer for matching storage space. Many of these wall accessories and decor ideas can be found on Amazon, Bed, Bath & Beyond, Home Goods, and Home Depot for the cabinets.

In fact, we think laundry rooms should be extra cheery, fun, or inspiring, just to make up for it. Here, 70 our favorite inspiring laundry room from, of course, Pinterest. Maybe you can pin these after you go start the next load?

image source : pinterest.com